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Implidea Technology is an Artificial Intelligence Innovation company and a leading AI powered International Payment Solution provider. We hold the expertise in integrating the payment gateway in a safe and secured environment to ensure the integrity of the transactions. We provide cutting edge technologies for customers all over the world when it comes to design, develop their websites to show products/services and market it online. We are backed by team of Solution Architects, Software Developers, Web Designers, UI/UX Experts, Content Writers and Digital Media experts. Our workforce has delivered the projects, estimated worth of more than thirty million USD.

Experience the Power of AI

Artificial Intelligence is the core of Implidea. Its best integration is our safe and secure payment solutions which allows you to accept payments from more than 100 countries without investing in servers and security layers.

International Payment Provider

Support for 100 Currencies, 100+ payment modes. Your customer can pay through NEFT, EMI, UPI, Wallters, Cards. Quick Integration.

Mobile App Development

We build top business generating Apps. We offer iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet Application Development.

Custom Web Application

Full Website Development/ Modification/ Customization, New Modules Addition, Scripts Installation, Errors/Bugs Fixes, Website Customization, Database Integration, API Integration, Web Scraping/Crawling

Search Engine Optimization

we are the pioneer in Search engine optimization services, Contact us today for a free SEO quotation.

Digital Media Marketing

We are a team of creative designers, social media experts to boost your business on social media platforms.

eCommerce Portals

We are a team of creative eCommerce web developers crafting ROI-driven solutions for Entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large corporations willing to boost their online business.

Logos & Branding

Company Logos are the cornerstones of a successful business. About Logo Design understands how important your company logo design and business card design is.


GoBot is an AI-powered Subject Matter Expert (SME). Its deep understanding of a particular job, process, department, function, technology, machine, the material makes it so reliable. It's been developed for education industry and we are in process to develop it for Finance, Insurance, and automobile industry.

Expression of Intelligence

GoBot is a very impressive human assistant with the ability to express its emotion.


You have work hard to make your product successful. But wait, have you work on to get a branded link for your product before going to promote it on social media, blogs, website or Google ads. A recent study on user behavior shows people most likely to click on a product link branded as TopURL.Live/YourProduct 80% more as compare to TopURL.Live/xvRt3.

Performance Metrics

Our AI powered performance metrics ensure you to have a right link matching your product feature.

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Get detailed accesibility report

See how user responds to your ads and other promotional activity. You can analyze the reports by demographics, time frame and other major factors.

Google ads landing page

Impressive landing page for Google ads can increase your conversions and will give you more buyers.

Enhanced Security

All our product links are protected by the SSL to ensure the safety and security of the data.

Technology Partners

Implidea Technology is partnered with the leading technology provider in order to deliver the latest technology upgrade. Our technology partners list includes Google AI, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Django, Node, Angular, React, Google Maps, Google Translate, Google Cloud, G Suite, Comodo, Norton, Kaspersky, Paypal, RazorPay and Whois.

Amazon AWS

Implidea has adapted the AWS Partner Network (APN) to leverage Amazon Web Services to build solutions and services for clients. The APN helps us to build, market, and sell AWS offerings by providing valuable business, technical, and marketing support.

Google AI

Formerly known as Google Research, is Google's Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and development department for its AI applications. Google AI introduced in Google I/O 2018. Google AI powered its enhanced Google Assistant.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a public cloud computing platform provide solutions including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) used for storage, networking, analytics, virtual computing and much more.


PayPal is a leading electronic commerce company that facilitates payments service that enables to pay, send money, and accept payments with its secured payment gateway.

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